Lower cost and expanded coverage through better technology

Our first proprietary Wi-Fi First wireless solution enables end users to seamlessly transition from trusted / pre-selected cellular networks to Wi-Fi networks.

By using our new IP-to-IP transfer technology, the core of the First Wi-Fi Solution, callers can now get wireless service that really works well indoors and outdoors, and the ability to easily move between them. . And our MVNO customers get the latest technology that not only responds to market demands, but also does so while reducing costs by up to 56%.

LCB Solutions voice and Wi-Fi messaging is part of our total mobility package, an innovative, high-cost, and comprehensive solution provided by MVNO and other providers that are truly competitive in the wireless market. Big bucks only to find out you got your data back – the reason you set up remote backups in the first place – is not an easy, quick, or simple job.

Flexible, favorable prices:

• Our pricing rate structure is MVNO compliant and our terms are MVNO-Fa.

Comprehensive service suite:

• A proprietary Over the Top (OTT) Wi-Fi and voice messaging service
• A comprehensive and affordable MVNO hosted billing platform
• MyPhone customer service application on the device
• A complete set of competitive transportation services

True Industry Experience:

• Our innovation and extensive experience in networks bring competition to the MVNO market
• Our clients trust us to be their network experts.

Simple and simplified implementation:

• Direct API connection
• The interconnection of LCB Solutions with your current billing or service provider

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