Enjoy the benefits of a hosted LCR plan with lower cost rates

With LCB Solutions’ Least Cost Routing (LCR) solution, operators, service providers and business customers can take advantage of a single interconnection with our support team and control routing to reach their preferred providers.

LCB Solutions Hosted LCR provides all the benefits of lower-cost traditional routing products without the need to integrate software or add complex translations.

Quick and Simple Turn-Up:

  • Implementation is quick and easy via secure access to the cloud-based LCR platform
  • Route translations are established on the Peerless tandem switch eliminating the need to manage complex translations within your own network

Full control:

• Near real-time control of providers and routing decisions, with preferences based on a multiple code NPA-NXX, NPA-NXX-X, LATA, OCN, country code or other LERG constructs

• The client also controls the management of suppliers
activities including: vendor selection, rate negotiation, and call routing decisions

Budget friendly:

• Significantly reduces implementation costs by using a shared cloud-based solution

• Reduces routing costs with possible route changes anywhere / anytime through secure access to the hosted platform

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