The long distance termination features and benefits of LCB solutions include:

Flexible and customizable solution:

LCB Solutions long distance termination is completely customizable, regardless of your particular requirements. From connection types to routing options, we have the perfect solution for you.

  • TDM or SIP dedicated or public
  • Simplified SIP interconnections
  • Routing based on NPA-NXX, LRN, LATA / OCN or ENUM
Aggressive prices:

As with all of our services, LCB Solutions offers service options and rates to fit any budget and strategy.

  • Based on LRN
  • M-FGD, preferred and standard pricing options
National and International Footprint:

A footprint that spans the United States, Canada and the entire world of international destinations:

  • National and international locations
  • A network that encompasses 3,700 operator interconnections.

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