Control, manage, assign and monitor for phone numbers and customers.

LCB Solutions IP Control Service provides end-office functionality and PSTN access to enterprise and enhanced service providers (ESPs) via DID phone numbers. Using the web-based portal, customers can manage, assign, schedule, and activate phone numbers for their own subscribing users.

IP control is often an excellent first step in transitioning to a CLEC strategy.

Enjoy now, LCB Solutions’ SMS-enabled DID numbers for our business customers as well as Enhanced Service Providers (ESP), enabling instant messaging and text messaging for your colleagues and clients right from your office. This feature will dramatically improve customer satisfaction and take your business to the next level, communication will be faster and easier.

Simple, fast self-service portal for real-time number management

ANImate is LCB Solutions’ customer-facing portal and API to support phone number management. With ANImate, users can search our Company’s vast inventory of available numbers through any combination of State, LATA, Rate Center, Location, NPA and / or NXX. Once selected, ANImate performs real-time activation of those numbers.

ANImate is also a fully automated phone number provisioning platform. Users can initiate port entry requests and receive direct feedback, information, and order status from the Local Unmatched Number Portability (LNP) team. The ANImate Inbound Port Request screen instantly associates phone numbers with LERG-valid geographic attributes. And, ANImate breaks down single port requests in real time for each losing carrier associated with phone numbers in the port of entry request.

The best solutions in network connectivity …
and customer connectivity, too.

Enjoy instant communication with your clients and coworkers using LCB Solutions SMS and MMS messaging service.

Designed for enterprise and enhanced service providers, Peerless Messaging enables you to send and receive SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages between LCB Solutions phone numbers and other wired and wireless numbers. The result is a fast, convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way to stay in touch with your most important customers.

A complete SMSC (Short Message Service Center) environment, with LCB Solutions Messaging, you can quickly provision phone numbers and start SMS and MMS service almost immediately. Integration with LCB Solutions’ ANImate number management portal or API makes the process almost turnkey.

Full control:

IP control provides true control over your operations through comprehensive management
and phone number management.

• Schedule, manage and control the LNP process with direct access to the NPAC (Center of
number portability management)
• Numbers automatically provisioned over the network.
• Shorter intervals mean faster speed to generate revenue


ANIMATE: Number management

• Place and track orders
• API connectivity available
• Real-time number management
• Assign, move and port numbers.
• Multiple user management

Scale and security:

• More than 85% of the US population covered
• DID from most major US markets.
• Various routes to enter the network.
• Robust reporting capabilities
• SIP and TDM interconnect options


Additional features included:

• Alternative Service Provider Identification Designators (AltSPID)
• Provide CNAM
• Provide vanity numbers

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