Lower cost and expanded coverage through better technology

Our first proprietary Wi-Fi First wireless solution enables end users to seamlessly transition from trusted / pre-selected cellular networks to Wi-Fi networks.

By using our new IP-to-IP transfer technology, the core of the First Wi-Fi Solution, callers can now get wireless service that really works well indoors and outdoors, and the ability to easily move between them. . And our MVNO customers get the latest technology that not only responds to market demands, but also does so while reducing costs by up to 56%.

LCB Solutions voice and Wi-Fi messaging is part of our total mobility package, an innovative, high-cost, and comprehensive solution provided by MVNO and other providers that are truly competitive in the wireless market. Big bucks only to find out you got your data back – the reason you set up remote backups in the first place – is not an easy, quick, or simple job.

All in one, billing, rating and pricing platform.

Our company’s Hosted Billing is a comprehensive, customizable, and cloud-based platform that can handle both front-end e-commerce and back-end billing and reporting requirements for MVNOs.

We have created an All-in-One platform that has been designed to support our Clients, Co-workers and Staff so that they can be quickly customized to the needs and conditions of the current market. Its features include full integration into an e-commerce website, mobile applications and IVR systems, the customer’s online store, and easy payment methods, through secure credit card processing.

This powerful platform is a team with Accounting, reporting and Tax functions where you can manage and report your own performance effectively and adjust all your Tax requirements.

We are proud to announce our partnership with a competitive tax calculation software and data (SureTax), which provides LCB Solutions’ hosted billing platform, its stability and its manageable integration.

Additionally, Hosted Billing (featured by LCB Solutions) also provides an online billing system and the access to create, submit, and print all invoices and maintain online records on your accounts.

Growing communications, complete satisfaction in a convenient one-device mount.

Introduced by LCB Solutions in an on-device app that allows users to recharge minutes, manage their accounts, and manage phone functionality, MyPhone is the most effective in-app for competitive MVNOs.

Flexible, favorable prices:

• Our pricing rate structure is MVNO compliant and our terms are MVNO-Fa.

Comprehensive service suite:

• A proprietary Over the Top (OTT) Wi-Fi and voice messaging service
• A comprehensive and affordable MVNO hosted billing platform
• MyPhone customer service application on the device
• A complete set of competitive transportation services

True Industry Experience:

• Our innovation and extensive experience in networks bring competition to the MVNO market
• Our clients trust us to be their network experts.

Simple and simplified implementation:

• Direct API connection
• The interconnection of LCB Solutions with your current billing or service provider

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