Competitive voice termination plans – flexible needs

Considered by many to be the industry standard for wholesale voice termination, LCB Solutions Long Distance Termination is truly the best in class. The reach comes from the intensive footprint of our all-IP network, a footprint that spans the United States and can accommodate custom international locations. The options are endless, from routing options, call types and different protocols allowed. You can always trust LCB solution rates as merely competitive and the best rates on the market.

Full customization for international needs.

LCB Solutions International Long Distance (ILD) service is specifically designed with our clients in mind. Now, ILD customers have a variety of services and levels, choosing where they call and how they call, while maintaining the high quality they expect from LCB Solutions.

The long distance termination features and benefits of LCB solutions include:

The long distance termination features and benefits of LCB solutions include:

Flexible and customizable solution:

LCB Solutions long distance termination is completely customizable, regardless of your particular requirements. From connection types to routing options, we have the perfect solution for you.

  • TDM or SIP dedicated or public
  • Simplified SIP interconnections
  • Routing based on NPA-NXX, LRN, LATA / OCN or ENUM
Aggressive prices:

As with all of our services, LCB Solutions offers service options and rates to fit any budget and strategy.

  • Based on LRN
  • M-FGD, preferred and standard pricing options
National and International Footprint:

A footprint that spans the United States, Canada and the entire world of international destinations:

  • National and international locations
  • A network that encompasses 3,700 operator interconnections.

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